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The residents in procedural skills workshops during orientation.

Team Building

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The residents successfully escape a locked room.

Resident Fun

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After boating and crabbing the residents jump for joy.

Boating fun

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New resident Raymond Aguilar retrieving the boat for crabbing at Dr. Greg Sanders house.

Recruitment 2017

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Blog Post July 2017 I write this on the way to KC, as we begin the sojourn to recruit our second class of residents. It has been a great month of orientation for our first class. Andrea, Kirsten, Zeena, Jessie, Leo and Ray have done a myriad of activities as they pioneer in our residency. […]

Match Day 2017 Pioneering Class

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I would like to announce our first residency class! Please welcome Raymond Aguilar, Zeena Al-Tai, Andrea Carnie, Kirstin Hansen, Jessica Lazar and Leonel Oliveros-Rosen. They are all going to be great family physicians. They fit our mission of training doctors to work with the underserved. Please read their abbreviated bios that we posted on this […]

Interview season comes to an end

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We recently finished interviewing, another milestone on our path to welcoming our first residency class. It was good to meet all of the interviewees, hearing your life stories and ambitions. Many of you matched our goals which include recruiting a group of pioneers, willing to contribute to the development of a great program. Those who […]

Interview Season

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We are well into the interview season and are enjoying meeting folks from all over the country. There is strong interest in our new Community Health Center sponsored/based Family Medicine Residency program. We are grateful for this as we continue the endeavor of making this a strong program. For example, we are prioritizing longitudinally weaving […]

Program Directors September Update

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We had a good time at the National Medical Student Conference in Kansas City.  It was great to meet many of you, and talk about our program. Tavish Donahue, our Director of Medical Education, myself, Drs. Jose Mata and Kaeli Caldwell all had a great time.  We were impressed by the student interest in community […]