Baby Shower

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Happy Fall!

All of us residents have been so excited to have one of us expecting a baby, and last month we threw a baby shower for one of our interns, Maddie.

Maddie is expecting a baby boy in the beginning of November (status post delivery at this point, there will be updates and cute baby pictures later!), and we can’t wait to meet him.







This shower was extra special, because 11 out of 12 residents were able to attend and celebrate with Maddie!  This almost never happens, and we were so happy for the chance to catch up with each other and socialize. For those of us on the more difficult inpatient rotations, this was a welcome break.






We all brought presents for Maddie and her baby boy Kai, and were totally spoiled with a delicious meal by Maddie’s mom.  Afterwards, the more artistic residents (as in, not me) decorated some baby onesies:






We are so excited to meet this little one and spoil him rotten with more presents and snuggles.

For those of you on the interview trail, we’re excited to hear about your babies, too!  Please show us pictures when you come socialize with us at the pre-interview dinners, we would love to see them.

Until next time,

Andrea Carnie, PGY-2

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