January 2020 residency expansion update

Posted on January 22, 2020 with 0 comments

We were approved for expansion of our class size by the ACGME and we will expand this July 2020 to 8 interns, and we will grow further in July 2021, to 10 interns. This means that in 4 years we will be a full 10-10-10.

For those matching with us in July, your 3 years in the program will be: 8-6-6, 10-8-6 then 10-10-8. The expansion will include additional space added to our Sea Mar clinic in Everett. Note Providence hospital doesn’t have any other residents. Their only growth plan is to add an IM residency in 2021, but since the hospital has 570 beds, there is plenty of room for everyone, and those interns don’t do OB. Note we are also opening a clinic in Lynnwood, south of Everett. These clinics insure plenty of space for the residents.

Also, we are interviewing multiple interested strong faculty candidates, to support this growth. The future is exciting! Good luck to everyone in the match.

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