The Sea Mar Marysville FMR Obstetrics Fellowship is a partnership between Sea Mar Community Health Centers and Providence Regional Medical Center Everett Obstetrics and Gynecology department. It is a one-year experience focused on high-risk and surgical obstetrics with three fellows per year.

Fellows serve as junior faculty at Sea Mar, independently caring for their own panel of family medicine patients and precepting residents in their continuity clinic. They also work with FM OB faculty at Sea Mar for complicated OB clinics and ultrasound clinics performing early dating, anatomic screening, and growth ultrasounds. In the hospital, fellows serve as attendings with Sea Mar OB patients and teach residents labor management and delivery, with Sea Mar attendings available as backup at all times. Fellows also operate with Sea Mar FM-OB attendings as primary surgeon on Sea Mar C-sections.  

Fellows are supervised by Providence OB/Gyn physicians while working on labor & delivery, where they gain valuable skills in management of high-risk OB patients and surgical obstetrics. Fellows work with residents on OB/Gyn patients as well and serve as the junior attending with these often-complex patients, working closely with the OB/Gyn attending.  They act as primary surgeon on the majority of C-sections with OB/Gyn, assisting on more complicated cases.   


Skills and Experience 

-Experience varies, but the following are projections from our first cohort of fellows during their fellowship year:

-C/S primary – 86-100

-Vaginal deliveries – 45-58

-Assisted vaginal deliveries – 5-15

-Fellows also gain experience with skills such as external cephalic version, breech delivery, twin delivery, and assisting on cesarean myomectomy and hysterectomy.


The fellowship has a unique alternating week schedule, with every other week spent on labor and delivery and the alternating week spent in clinic. On labor & delivery weeks, fellows complete 3-5 shifts varying from 12 hours to 24 hours in length. Clinic weeks are split between Sea Mar family medicine clinics and Providence OB clinics. Fellows may also opt to add other experiences such as Family Medicine Teaching Service attending weeks, NICU shifts, ER shifts, and office procedure clinics.  

Fellows take part in monthly didactics and skills workshops with FM-OB as well as OB/Gyn faculty. They also work with FM-OB faculty and present to residents at their bimonthly OB focused didactics and provider course. Fellows are involved with quality improvement work at the hospital and clinic level and participate in relevant hospital committees. Each fellow is required to complete a quality improvement project of their own choice during their fellowship year. 


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