Program Directors Update 7/9/19

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We now have a full complement of 18 residents, with our new interns starting last month. We continue to have a high number of mission match residents, those who are interested in working with the underserved, and practicing full spectrum family medicine. Welcome Jessica and Veniel, our first two DO residents!

We are becoming known for our robust OB and medicine training. The 3rd year residents have done a lot of deliveries, with FPs, OBs and NMWs. They are receiving a significant amount of high risk OB training. Besides extra OB rotations, we have extra medicine rotations, so again, the residents are getting a lot of experience with relatively complex, yet appropriate, inpatient care.

We continue to develop, expand and add electives, including Planned Parenthood, vasectomies and OB ultrasound training. Also, our second year residents receive MAT training, during the month when they are all back together, for their behavioral health rotation.

Julian Perez MD continues to teach our MSK curriculum, which includes an ultrasound component. Pat Gemperline MD has developed a strong didactics curricular core, which includes a variety of longitudinally integrated training activities in health care disparities. The residents see a variety of underserved patients in our two FQHC/CHC sites, located in Marysville, and in nearby Everett.

Kirstin Hansen and Zeena Al-Tai are our first Chief residents. They publish a weekly informative resident e-news “Chief Chat”, along with myriad other duties. Please stop by our booth in KC on “WWAMI row” this month and meet one of our Chiefs Kirstin Hansen as well as another R3, Jessie Lazar!

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