Where do residents live?

Most Residents live in Everett but there are plenty of housing options in the surrounding area from Lynwood up to Arlington. Rent for a one bedroom apartment generally ranges from $1200-1500 a month.



Where are graduating residents working?

Of the six residents who graduated in 2020, two are completing an OB fellowship, three are working in underserved communities in Washington, and one is working in Alaska.



What are future plans for the residency?

Our residency is expanding! We started with six residents per class. The class of 2023 has eight residents, and the class of 2024 will have ten residents. Now that we are expanding, some residents will join half our faculty at Sea Mar Everett for their continuity clinic. Our inpatient family medicine rotation, run by our family medicine hospitalist, will begin fall 2020.



What kind of procedural experience do residents have?

Residents complete over 100 vaginal deliveries and have the option of being primary surgeon for c sections. We also provide office procedures such as joint injections, IUD placements and removals, nexplanon placements and removals, toe nail avulsions, and skin excisions are performed in clinic. Our patients do not have access to specialty care, and we are happy to provide a full scope of care to meet the needs of our patients.

We have started a structured POCUS curriculum, and we learn comprehensive OB ultrasound skills including dating ultrasounds and anatomy scans in clinic. Hospital procedures include paracentesis, thoracentesis, and lumbar punctures, as needed, during inpatient rotations.



Can Residents moonlight?

Residents in good standing can moonlight during their R3 year.



Can students complete a sub-i?

Yes, email SeattleMedEd@seamarchc.org for more information. Let them know that you want to sub-i with the Sea Mar Marysville Family Medicine Residency.



Do you work with medical students?

We do! We work with third year students from Washington State University on our hospital rotations, we work with third and fourth year students from University of Washington on our pediatric rotations, and we work with students completing a sub-i in clinic and in the hospital.

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