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Raymond grew up in rural Washington state. He has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Washington and also obtained his medical degree at the University of Washington. Before medical school, he worked in Sea Mar’s Americorps program, and has volunteered his time to mentor minority students and coordinate volunteers at Sea Mar’s Skagit Valley migrant farmworkers clinic. Raymond’s goals are to practice OB at a community health center serving the Latino community, where his bilingual and bicultural background will benefit patients. Raymond enjoys cooking, soccer, hiking and rollerblading, and he is excited to be part of a residency program that is close to his family in western Washington.


Zeena grew up in California. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California at Irvine and recently completed her medical degree at the University of Queensland School of Medicine. Zeena has known she wanted to be a physician since she was 6-years-old, and she has a strong interest in women’s health, OB, and working with the underserved and people of minority backgrounds. As a first generation Arab-American, she recognizes the need for health education for young people in her culture. Zeena is a travel blogger, having travelled to more than nine countries to explore local history, culture and cuisine. Additionally, she is a one-stroke painter and enjoys arts and crafts.


Andrea grew up in Maryland. She has a bachelor’s degree in musical studies from Oberlin College and obtained her medical degree at the University of Maryland. Before medical school, she conducted research in the areas of nutrition, weight loss and neurology. An excellent flutist, Andrea likens working with patients to performing music, and her goals are to practice OB while working with the underserved. Her bilingual and bicultural background will help her accomplish these goals working with Sea Mar’s diverse patient population. Andrea also enjoys biking, hiking and swing dancing, and she is excited to complete her residency in Washington state, where she will reunite with her sister and other family members who live in the area.


Kirstin grew up in Bellingham, WA. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Northern Colorado, and obtained her medical degree at the University of Washington. Kristin is committed to helping those with special needs and developmental disabilities, and has a passion for serving migrant communities. Kristin excelled in collegiate soccer, and has volunteered her time coaching schools in the Lynden area. She lives on her boat and enjoys hiking, knitting and baking.


Jessica grew up in Alaska. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Lewis and Clark College and obtained her medical degree at the University of Washington. Before medical school, Jessica worked in environmental conservation for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She found her calling to learn primary care in order to help the underserved while volunteering at a homeless youth medical clinic in Portland. She continues her passion for service by volunteering at a homeless shelter and managing the Casa Latina Center for Seasonal Workers in Seattle. Jessica hopes to expand her Spanish language skills while completing her residency at Sea Mar, and aims to practice OB in a rural or semi-rural setting.


Leo grew up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Haverford College and obtained his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He has passion for working with underserved communities and has sought out education above and beyond his formal education, including OB and women’s health training. He helped research the health literacy of Latina women in Philadelphia, and he implemented a tool that helped make the data collection more culturally relevant. In his spare time, Leo enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, cooking, computers, and reading science fiction.


Claire is from New Mexico. She obtained undergraduate degrees in Linguistics and Sociology at Purdue University. Her work experience as a mental health case manager inspires her passion for working at a community level on the social determinants of health. She plans to further develop her Spanish language skills as she trains for a full spectrum family medicine career. Her hobbies include: water color painting, travel and medicinal plants.


Madelaine grew up in New York. After earning her undergraduate degree in Communications at Villanova, she studied medicine in Cuba. This education and her Spanish language skills have developed her goal of working with the underserved, including immigrant populations. She has travelled extensively, and some of her many hobbies include: cooking Indian food, running, Spanish guitar, yoga and dancing.


Nora grew up in Hawaii. She achieved her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Microbiology, at Iowa State. Her career goals include practicing full spectrum family medicine in a small community environment, working with the underserved and improving health status at a community level. She also has an interest in global medicine. Her hobbies include: cooking, hiking, reading and traveling.


Leila grew up in Iran and graduated from the University of Washington with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology. She obtained her Masters in Public Health at George Washington University. Her medical school training was based in Australia and New Orleans. Leila plans to work in a smaller underserved community practicing full spectrum family medicine. She will apply her MPH skills in advocacy for improving public health. Her hobbies include: Yoga, meditation, weight lifting, travel and poetry.


Jaime grew up in Laredo Texas. He has a Masters in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A & M. His exposure to underserved care fuels his desire to work in a rural community, practicing full spectrum, including OB, and working with patients from all backgrounds. His hobbies include ultimate Frisbee, cooking and guitar.


Jenna grew up in rural Nome Alaska, inspired by physicians there practicing full spectrum family medicine. She graduated from the University of Alaska with a degree in Biology and a minor in Arctic Skills. Jenna has trained with indigenous populations and she will be an advocate for rural, marginalized and underserved patients. She desires to practice full spectrum family medicine in rural Alaska. Her hobbies include: most outdoor adventures, including boating. Also, cooking, guitar and travel.


Matt was born in Portland, OR and majored in Spanish and Sports Science at Oregon State University. He has volunteered and interpreted on many projects in Central and South America. He plans to continue his work in global health after his residency training, as well as working with the underserved in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys running in marathons and triathlons.


Ana was born in Bucharest, Romania. She majored in Biology and Chemistry at Lewis and Clark College, in Idaho. She achieved a Masters in Molecular Biosciences at Washington State University. She has done significant research as a microbiologist, in the field of women’s health. She plans to practice full spectrum family medicine in a rural environment. Her hobbies include trail running and skiing.


Veniel was born in Othello, WA. He achieved a degree in Biology at Eastern Washington University. He spent significant time in medical school training at a rural community health center. He has enjoyed mentoring youth living in health disparity environments. He plans to practice full spectrum medicine with the underserved. His hobbies include soccer, running and travel.


Loira was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico. She went to the Universidad de Puerto Rico achieving a degree in Biology. She has spent time working with the Catrigandi tribe in Panama, and would like to continue working with them and other underserved populations, during her career. Her hobbies include hiking and photography.


Justin was born in Bellevue, WA. He achieved degrees in Biology and Latin American Studies, at Seattle Pacific University. Also, he has a Masters in Biology from Walla Walla University. Justin has worked with refugees in the Middle East, and he helped build a surgical center in Chad. He plans to continue working with underserved populations in the future, practicing full spectrum and including a global component. His hobbies include outdoor activities and travel.


Jessica was born in Honolulu, HI. She achieved her Neuroscience degree at Wellesley College. She founded a student run osteopathic manipulative medicine clinic at a community health center during medical school. Jessica plans to work with the underserved and practice OB, in a smaller town. Her hobbies include classical piano, aquascaping fish tanks and a variety of outdoor activities.


Pedro grew up in Guatemala and attended an eight year medical school program there. He has worked extensively with the underserved in Guatemala, as well as taught local and US medical students there. He has also worked in disaster relief, helping staffing medical care and coordinating governmental and volunteer efforts. These formative events have given Pedro a career goal of working in global health, including helping the underserved in Guatemala. He is a sports enthusiast, enjoying advanced scuba diving, kite and wake boarding.


Lauren grew up in Michigan and went to University of Michigan, majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience. She envisions a career practicing full spectrum family medicine, OMT, teaching physicians, providing women’s health and working with the underserved. Her hobbies and interests include hiking, kayaking, soccer, sewing and cooking.


Jenny grew up in California and went to UCLA, majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. She plans for a career working in a Latino community in a full spectrum practice. Her hobbies include hiking, dancing, swimming and cooking.


Sibani grew up in Everett and went to the University of Washington, majoring in Biochemistry, and also achieved a Masters in Health Administration. She co-founded a youth driven organization as a platform to culture opportunities of culture, service and leadership for South Asian youth. She wants full spectrum training and will use her M.H.A. to improve the quality of health care. Her hobbies include Indian classical dance, bullet journaling and scrapbooking.


Elisse grew up in Cameroon and went to the University of Utah, majoring in Chemistry. She envisions a career working with the underserved in a full spectrum practice. She has sung in choirs in Cameroon, Morocco, Dominica and Oklahoma. She has a passion for cooking many cuisines, as a way to unite and have people at the same table.


Nicole grew up in Seattle and went to the University of Washington, majoring in Public Health and minoring in Bioethics and Humanities. She has an M.P.H. from the University of Miami. Her research includes applying motivational interviewing to vaccine hesitancy and work on medication adherence. She plans to work with the underserved, practicing full spectrum family medicine. Her hobbies include fishing, hiking, cooking and knitting.


Elizabeth grew up in Tennessee. She went to the University of Tennessee, majoring in Statistics and minoring in Mathematics. She spent a year in China, teaching ESL in a primary school. Her career goal is to work in a rural community and having a positive effect on social determinants. Her hobbies include international travelling, cycling and wilderness medicine.


Celina grew up in Tucson Arizona and went to the University of Arizona, majoring in Microbiology, with minors in Public Health and Art History. She plans on a career working with the underserved. Her interests and hobbies include international travel, hiking, yoga, cooking and knitting.

Ramin Baimaninejad - University of Washington

Ramin grew up in Everett. He went to the University of Washington and majored in biology. He continued with his medical school training at the University of Washington. His interests include woodworking, including furniture making and constructing wood based tools. He also likes ornamental landscaping, seasonal fruit and vegetable gardening and playing the guitar.

Cheri Cornwell-Eshete -  St. George’s University

Cheri grew up in Federal Way. She worked in AmeriCorps tutoring children and volunteered at a free clinic in Peru. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in psychology. She received her medical school training at St. George’s University School of Medicine. Cheri enjoys podcasts on social justice issues, current events and mindfulness. She also does embroidery.

Emily Davis - Pacific Northwest University

Emily is from Vancouver Washington and went to Linfield Oregon majoring in biology. She went to PNWU to complete her DO Degree. Emily is passionate about health equality and cultural competency. Her hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, piano, embroidery, traveling and yoga.

Tyler Goeser - University of Kansas

Tyler grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota. He learned many skills, including operating and repairing the machinery. He attended the University of North Dakota, majoring in biology. Then he went to the University of Kansas School of Medicine. His hobbies include basketball, which he even officiates. He also enjoys reading and discussing current events. He still likes to help on the family farm.

Sandhya Heiderscheit - Alabama College

Sandhya grew up in Texas and majored in genetics at Texas A&M University. She received her DO Degree Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine for her DO degree. Sandhya enjoys cooking, playing co-operative video games and Mahjong.

Aarzu Isa - Pacific Northwest University

Aarzu grew up in Everett. She achieved her biology degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, then she went to the Pacific Northwest University for her DO degree. Aarzu plans to continue her work with the underserved in her career. Her hobbies include calligraphy, painting, and reading classic literature, exploring different cuisines, poetry and hiking.

Chidimma Nzeh - Ross University

Chidimma is from Georgia where she graduated with a B.S. in biology from Columbus State and a M.S. in molecular biology from Georgia State. She received her MD Degree from Ross University. Her hobbies include cooking, hiking, running, music, journaling and spending time with friends and family.

Daniel Ratzlaff - University of Kansas

Daniel grew up in rural Kansas.  Daniel majored in Chemistry and Biology at Bethel College. He went to the University of Kansas School of Medicine.  . He enjoys hiking, basketball, cooking, nature travel and learning the ukulele.

Megan Short - Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Megan is from Vancouver WA, received a B.S. in Biology from WSU. She received her MD Degree from WSU SOM. It is her desire to train at a community-based residency to learn the skills necessary to practice full-spectrum family medicine. As a physician she wants to help lower the barriers for the patients she has seen thus far. She enjoys fantasy and science fiction novels, tending house plants, travelling and exploring the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Marcus Zeitz - Des Moines University

Marcus is from Redmond WA, attended Univ of Washington undergraduate obtaining a BA in biology.  He earned his DO Degree from Des Moines University. After completing his undergraduate degree Marcus moved Paris to work as an au pair for a time. His Hobbies include Running, Sourdough baking, Cooking;, Hiking and camping, Bicycling; and Cast iron collecting

Arika Boswell -  St. George's University 

Arika received her medical school training at St. George’s University School of Medicine after spending 5 years as a Registered Nurse.  Arika enjoys cycling, running, and hiking.  Her professional interests include the Social Determinants of Health, and Population Health.  Arika matched into Sea Mar with her partner Roberto Zevallos.

Hector Diaz-Otero -  American University of the Caribbean

Hector grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  He studied Biology at the University of Texas Austin prior to attending the Medical School at American University of the Caribbean.  His hobbies include kayaking, fishing, archery, and hiking.  Hector is also a member of the National Hispanic Honor Society.

Izien Imoukhuede -  Medical University of the Americas

Izien is Nigerian and relocated to Calgary Alberta, Canada.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Benin prior to attending medical school at Medical University of the Americas.  Izien enjoys watching and playing soccer.  He is a Chelsea FC fan. Loves cooking, especially Nigerian cuisine, and listening to music. 

Rabia Kamboj - Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Rabia is from the Pacific Northwest and calls Vancouver British Columbia home.  She studied Biology at the University of the Fraser Valley before attending Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Rabia used to do competitive ballet and has driven across the US and Canada a few times.  She likes to draw and paint especially watercolors.  She turned a spare room into an art studio.

Monica Kaur - Kansa City University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Monica is from Kansas City Missouri having left India at age 12.   She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Biology at the University of California Santa Cruz before attending Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Monica enjoys cooking Thai, Indian, and Italian food.

Yassin Nayel - American University of the Caribbean

Yassin was raised in Egypt until he left at the age of 12 to attend a top tier soccer academy in Germany.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Public Health at Quest University Canada.  He attended American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine to earn his MD degree.  Yassin is still enjoys playing soccer and is a die-hard Liverpool fan.  He also enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures.

Theresa Santos - University of Washington

Theresa is from Mill Creek Washington and earned her undergraduate double degree in Sociology and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  She attended the University of Washington School of Medicine for her MD degree.  Theresa enjoys singing for local church services, baking, and producing hand written invitations in calligraphy.

Tricia Scales - St. George's University

Tricia is from Scottsdale Arizona.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Genetics, Cells and Developmental Biology from Arizona State University.  She attended St. George’s University School of Medicine for her medical degree.  Tricia enjoys hot yoga, and reading fantasy and sci-fi books.  She recently picked up playing guitar during her quarantine time.  

Emilie Tang - Pacific Northwest University

Emilie is originally from Shanghai China but now calls Bellevue, Washington home.  She earned her double major undergraduate degree in Psychology and Biochemistry from the University of Washington.  Emilie enjoys interior design, fashion styling, crafting, playing the piano, and badminton.


Roberto Zevallos - St. George's University

Roberto is originally from Ecuador. He grew up on a farm around horses.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at Holy Names University in Oakland, California before attending St. George’s University for his medical degree.  His professional interests include Public Health Research, and Community Outreach.  He loves cycling, soccer, golf, and cooking.  Roberto matched into Sea Mar with his Partner Arika Boswell.

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