As we embark on another academic year of our Marysville family medicine residency program, it is with optimism that I want to acknowledge both the challenges and the opportunities before us.

We are a young, maturing residency expanding in different fronts. From the several clinic locations in Marysville, Everett, Lynnwood, and soon Monroe, to the expansion of residents to 10 per year, faculty and administrative support needed, we acknowledge these are no small issues to address. Adjustments in leadership, faculty, administrative staff, and particular aspects of our training rotations are inevitable growing pains. As I consider them, I want to thank once again all of us who have stood firm through these sometimes rough times; yet working together we have seen how we overcome seemingly impossible challenges in more than one occasion.

Challenges will be forever present. However, the possibilities are even greater and worth considering. ACGME changes bring opportunities to address the readiness of our graduating residents joining the work force, and move us closer to the unique Teaching Health Center model of our program. Hiring and promoting faculty and selecting residents who reflect the diversity of our organization and the communities we serve is on the top of my list.  So is optimizing communication and processes with our central administrative office. I see clearly that one of my daily tasks will be to encourage those of us that already share the mission and the vision of the organization to keep it up, and to persuade those of us who are not quite there yet. The vision of developing a rural training track is dear and near to my heart, and it is a long dream that I will do my best to realize during my tenure.

I want to thank past leaders that got us to this point. Thanks to all staff and faculty for their hard work and dedication. Thanks to each class of residents that with their contribution make us a better program. And thanks to Sea Mar management and its Board of Directors for their vision and for entrusting us with the task of implementing the residency with the expressed goal of training and providing the future supply of competent health care professionals that will go on to carry the work of serving populations in need.

To those considering joining us, my commitment to the training experience needed in the making of a competent, noble, and purposeful family physician is uncompromising. In turn, we charge you with the fulfilling mission of applying all your education, training and skills on behalf of those who need you the most.

We offer no more; we demand no less.