We are excited to announce our ACGME accredited Family Medicine Residency in Marysville, Washington. Sea Mar Marysville is located just 45 minutes north of Seattle, in beautiful Snohomish County. Our residency is a Community Health Center (CHC) sponsored program. We care for the underserved and vulnerable. Ethnically our patient mix is incredibly diverse, including a significant Latino population. We are affiliated with the University of Washington WWAMI Family Medicine Residency Network.

Our hospital care is based in Everett, a short drive from our clinic. Providence Regional Medical Center Everett (PRMCE) is a large community hospital, with 501 beds, 4,600 deliveries annually, and the busiest emergency room in the state. There is no other residency at the hospital, hense our residency is unopposed.

We are looking for residents who are interested in a career in CHCs, or in similar work environments. We also hope to attract residents who would like to work in rural or urban underserved settings. We offer a robust hospital training experience, especially in family and internal medicine, as well as obstetrics. Recently there has been a trend for Family Physicians to do only ambulatory medicine, but we are committed to training our residents to practice full-spectrum Family Medicine.


Snohomish County is a great place to live, located between Puget Sound and the majestic Cascade mountain range, with a variety of terrain from sea level to over 10,000 feet in altitude. Ferries near Everett take you to beautiful Whidbey Island. In terms of city life, we are close to Seattle, and less than two hours from Vancouver, B.C. Living choices are urban, suburban and rural. Large employers in the immediate area include Boeing (which makes jets, including the Dreamliner) and the Everett Naval Base. The Seattle area offers an even wider range of employment options for partners and spouses, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks.

— Greg Sanders, MD