September 2018

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It has been a while since I gave an update on our FMR. We are growing, now with two classes (R-1’s and R-2’s). If you join us in 2019, you would complete our 6-6-6 program. The R-2’s are our strong pioneering class and have paved the way for our current intern class. The intern rotations are solid, as we are in the 2nd cycle. There are a few new rotations in the R-2 year (Gyn, Emergency Medicine, ICU and Inpatient Pediatrics) which are off to a good start. Many of last year’s interns have delivered volumes a typical FMR graduate might have in all 3 years. The R-2’s are targeting more high risk working with OB attendings, as well as triage skills and supervising the R-1’s. The interns have 3 IM rotations where a core of dedicated teaching hospitalists work with them.  Some months there are also supervising R-2’s (otherwise direct attending supervision). Our IP Pediatrics rotation is the only core rotation outside of Everett, at Seattle Children’s hospital.  The R-2’s are beginning the first (of 3) EM rotations, at Providence Everett, the busiest ER in the state. Finally, a robust Behavioral Health rotation for R-2’s is almost ready, thanks to our new PhD behavioral faculty, this will include MAT training. We have been working on various electives, currently OB ultrasound is the most popular. There will be an R-3 International rotation elective, with options in Guatemala and Malawi, and more options (Mexico? Peru? other?) likely pending. We continue to expand our faculty, we have some young members (including a DO), although the average faculty teaching experience is about 20 years. We are excited to talk to this year’s applicants in the upcoming months, if you are interested in an unopposed program targeting full spectrum training for a career with the underserved, please apply!

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